19 February 2014 was the date when two almost opposites of the tech world entered into a marriage that stunned millions. Whatsapp which on one hand was very pro customers wedded Facebook which was trying to get a penny out of anywhere. And when Facebook paid $19 billion there was barely any doubt that Facebook was looking at whatsapp being a cash cow.

Fast forward 5 years, WhatsApp has been still way above the competition from the rest with being active in more than 175 countries adding more than million users per day. India has been the biggest market for it and it has need strengthening its position with each passing day.

With the paid membership being waived off there seems rarely any medium which can generate revenue for whatsapp and it’s acquisition may seem a not so profitable venture. But lately with the whatsapp business variant the company seems to have started generating some quality revenue.

Photo by Rubén Bagüés on Unsplash

The way ahead

However the journey has not been a free highway ride. There have been many hiccups appearing in the rough path, repeated there have been several interventions from governments which have repeatedly asked for access to whatsapp database.

The challenge may appear severe in election bound India where the government as well as the courts have been asking for access to database and put a noose around fake news, for which whatsapp has already initiated actions.

Moreover with the exit of the two of the whatsapp founders over the privacy issues has made people skeptical about the use of data by facebook .

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